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Pomade Malaysia - Murray's Small Batch 50-50 Pomade

Murray's Small Batch 50-50 Pomade



50-50 Small Batch (wolf). This pomade combines the holding power of Murray's Original Pomade with the shine and flexibility of lanolin based eXelentoeXelento was developed in 1912 by the Exelento Medicine CO. from Atlanta, Georgia. Murray's specially blends this product by hand in small tanks to preserve the highest quality. 3 oz can.

A medium weight pomade with a nostalgic scent in a 1930s style that reminds of summer. Combines great hold with grooming and shine.

The orange tin can has been known as the world's most popular pomade for 90 years. The can itself is the same in this edition, too. But the lid is new. Instead of the familiar afro-american couple the Murray's wolf with an Elvis-pomp grins at us. A scratched 'Small Batch 50-50' signalizes change. But the two Detroit-Stars on both sides of the wolf ensure Murray's quality.

The pomade's color is the same for all three special editions: a creamy honey color. Also the scent fascinates Murray's fans. This one, the 'Murray's Small Batch 50-50' smells summery, a mix of cedar and mild orange peel. Typically for Murray's, the scent is aromatic in the can but decent in the hair.

The consistency surprises with a good handling and reminds of the red Sweet Georgia Brown pomade. Between thepalms the 'Small Batch Pomade' gets soft and is super easy to work into the hair.

Since the Murray's Small Batch 50-50 is a mixture of the very strong Murray's Superior Pomade and the soft eXelentoPomade, it impressively combines their features. It gives a medium to strong hold and at the same time grooms hair and scalp with its oils (like olive oil and castor oil). The lanolin makes the hair incredibly shiny in an authentic 1950s way. Just like the wolf on the lid.

The Murray's Small Batch is a goody for all fans of Nu Nile or Sweet Georgia Brown Pomade and a great pomade forstarters, since it is easy to handle while it also grooms hair and scalp. Washing out is of course a bit easy then the very stubborn Murray's Superior pomade. But also here applies the rule: You can use shampoo to clean your hair from the daily dirt, but a classic pomade is meant to stay in the hair, not being washed out.

Directions: Take one or two fingers full of pomade, rub it between your hands and apply into the hair. Comb as desired, use a hairbrush to add structure and here you have it, the legendary Murray's look.

The pomade is packaged in an orange tin can with a cool design.

Made in the USA.
(Without colours or preservatives)

Net. Wt.: 3 oz. (85 g)

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Mineral-Oil, Lanolin, Olive Fruit Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Parfum

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