Pomade Malaysia - Good Pomade vs Bad Pomade

Pomade Malaysia - Good Pomade vs Bad Pomade

There's a lot of pomade brand widely marketed in the world.

A lot of questions been asked, which one is a good pomade? The answer is depend on your needs. Not all pomade suitable for all user. Some may love a slick style, some like to have a messy style. So different pomade need to be use to get different outcome. 

For example, to get a slick look, you can try a shiny, slicker pomade whether it's waterbase or oilbase pomade, for a messy look pomade. Try to use a dry pomade such a clay or matte pomade.

Which brand is a good pomade. This another popular question, it is just a brand, hard to compare. You have to try it and see the results whether it meet your requirements. 

What important is choose the pomade that can hold your hair in style long enough.

So the big question is, which one is the good pomade and which one is the good one? The answer is, you have to try it first.

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