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Pomade Malaysia - Suavecito Premium - POMADE MALAYSIA

Pomade Malaysia - Suavecito Premium

Suavecito Premium

This premium Hair Pomade contains nourishing ingredients like Lanolin Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Lavender Oil to make your grooming experience a healthy and enjoyable one. These fine NATURAL ingredients were carefully researched and picked to not only keep your hair in place all day, but to nourish it as well with a healthy hold and healthy shine.
No artificial fragrances.
No artificial colors.
An Oil-Based Pomade that washes out like a Water-Based formula. This fine Pomade combines the positive characteristics of both. A newly invented breed of pomade.
Comes in a 4oz high-quality aluminum can and box.
Original Made in USA.

suavecito premium malaysia

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